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기타 New Teps 2021년 Sample test Listening script 뉴텝스 샘플 리스닝

출처 수집

Part 1

Q. Hello, is Sally Green available?
(a) I’ll let her know, thanks.
(b) She just started here.
(c) Please hold while I check.
(d) Nice talking to you, Sally.

Q. I wouldn't mind a nice cup of tea.
(a) I agree. It tastes great.
(b) Let’s find a cafe, then.
(c) I’m glad you like it.
(d) One cup’s enough for me, too.

Q. Excuse me. Have we met before?
(a) Right, we should meet more often.
(b) We were introduced last year.
(c) Sure. I’d love to sometime.
(d) It couldn’t have been that long.
Q. I feel terrible about spilling coffee on your coat.
(a) Still, you could apologize.
(b) I promise to make it up to you.
(c) At least acknowledge your mistake.
(d) Don’t worry. These things happen.
Q. Don’t be offended by Marvin’s comments. He was just kidding.
(a) I see why he is upset though.
(b) In that case, I’m not saying sorry.
(c) You’re right. He’s overreacting.
(d) Still, I find him insensitive.
Q. Your outfit isn't in line with our office dress code.
(a) I'll stick to it more closely from now on.
(b) I agree. There is no need for us to change it.
(c) You look alright in my opinion.
(d) You’re too lax about the rules.
Q. Pardon me. Can you direct me to the science museum?
(a) It’s best to book online in advance.
(b) You can pick up tickets out front.
(c) Sure, I’ll make the arrangements.
(d) It’s on my way if you want to follow me.
Q. It looks like Jane struggling at her new job.
(a) Maybe she just needs time to settle in.
(b) I knew she’d be back on her feet soon.
(c) I told you she was a capable person.
(d) She won’t be unemployed for long though.
Q. The cash machine won’t take my card.
(a) There are no ATM's near by.
(b) That’s odd. Check the receipt.
(c) The magnetic strips probably worn out.
(d) Maybe it’s just a clerical error.
Q. Did the store have everything on our grocery list?
(a) I think so, but I’ll double check before I go.
(b) I forgot to pick up some stuff.
(c) A few items were out of stock.
(d) Wait, I’m adding somethings to the list.

Part 2

W : Did you clean the living room?
M : No, I haven't had a chance.
W : But our guests are arriving soon.
(a) I'll tidy up right now.
(b) I got home early today.
(c) Don't worry. Take your time.
(d) Well, I doubt they noticed.
M : Do you have any free rooms tonight?
W : A few. Do you need a single or a double?
M : A single, preferably non smoking.
(a) I'm afraid all our doubles are occupied.
(b) Thanks, but I don't smoke.
(c) Sorry, we're out of non smoking ones.
(d) Unfortunately, we only have singles.
W : Was it difficult getting your driver's license?
M : The written test was the hardest part.
W : Really? It's usually the road test.
(a) I'm finally ready to take the test.
(b) Yeah, I'd better practice before then.
(c) I guess I have a knack for studying for test.
(d) Not for me. I'm quite comfortable behind the wheel.
M : How do you like that new Z's smartphone.
W : Honestly, it's a bit of letdown.
M : Why, the critics are raving about it.
(a) It certainly deserves its reputation.
(b) I couldn't agree with that more!
(c) It just doesn't live up to the hype.
(d) I'm not sure I can afford it though.

W : You look tired lately.
M : Yeah, my commute is killing me.
W : Oh, right. You moved to the outskirts of town.
(a) True, I was fed up with traveling everyday.
(b) At this rate, I'm certainly considering it.
(c) Yeah, and underestimated what a pain the trip would be.
(d) I know. I should have taken a shortcut.

M : Do you have time to help with the cooking?
W : Sure, what shall I tackle first?
M : The potatoes need to be peeled.
(a) I should start with the vegetables.
(b) That'll be better in the long run.
(c) Sure, I'll just find you a task.
(d) I'll get right on that for you.
W : Weren't you supposed to be going on a date tonight?
M : Yeah, but the woman cancelled at the last minute.
W : I hope she had a good excuse!
(a) That's why she is making up for it tonight.
(b) It seemed pretty contrived to me.
(c) Well, I just felt too tired to go out.
(d) Yeah, she was very understanding.

M : The renovations to your kitchen look great!
W : Thanks, I'm glad they're finally finished.
M : Did they take long to complete?
(a) I began yesterday.
(b) It could be a while.
(c) It felt like forever.
(d) Ever since I started.

W : You must be tired from your trip.
M : Not at all. I'm totally over my jet lag.
W : Really? But you just returned a couple of days ago!
(a) Well, I'm not planning on another for a while.
(b) I've always been quick to bounce back.
(c) Yeah, I won't take long to recover.
(d) I'll freshen up before doing anything else.

M : Have you been following the decline in the stock market?
W : Yeah, I'm a bit concerned about my investments.
M : Are you thinking of selling them to be safe?
(a) Not unless doing so would affect my stocks.
(b) It's too late for me to back out now.
(c) Well, I'm not sure I can risk investing more.
(d) It's too soon to know if stocks will fall.


Part 3

21. Listen to a conversation between two friends.
W : I heard you won the Epstein scholarship.
M : Yeah, I just found out yesterday.
W : Way to go! I actually tried for it myself last year.
M : Oh, really? You're certainly a worthy candidate.
W : That's kind. But you deserve it more than I did.
M : Nonsense. You're being too modest.

Q. What is the woman mainly doing?
(a) Assuring the man that he can win a scholarship.
(b) Seeking advice about applying for a scholarship.
(c) Explaining a scholarship application process. 
(d) Congratulating the man on winning a scholarship.

22. Listen to a conversation between two coworkers.
M : So, are you going to take a job in Taiwan.
W : I accepted it. But I'm worried that it was a mistake.
M : Why, it's a great career developing opportunity. 
W : I'm not sure I want to be so far from friends and family.
M : You don't have to stay there forever.
W : I know, but it could also be hard to adapt to life there.

Q. What is the main topic of the conversation?
(a) The woman's second thoughts about a job opportunity.
(b) The woman's reasons for wanting to work abroad.
(c) The woman's worries about securing a new job.
(d) The woman's career development prospects.

23. Listen to a conversation between two friends.
W : I have no idea how you stay in such good shape fit.
M : Simple. I basically just watch what I eat.
W : I try to eat well too, but I can't resist sweat.
M : I've gotten to the point where I can ignore cravings.
W : You must exercise regularly too, right?
M : Not that much, but I do jog a bit.

Q. What are the man and woman mainly discussing?
(a) The man's ways of keeping fit.
(b) The woman's attempt to get in shape.
(c) The woman's advice for loosing weight.
(d) The man's new diet and exercise routine.
24. Listen to two friends discussing woman's evening plans.
M : Are you going anywhere tonight?
W : I'm taking my parents to a movie and then dinner afterwards.
M : What are you going to see?
W : Beautiful lives. It's not my kind of thing, but my mother picked it.
M : The reviews have been mixed. But I wouldn't mind seeing it. 
W : Well, you are welcome to join us.
M : Thanks, but I'll let you enjoy your family time together.

Q. Which is collect according to the conversation?
(a) The woman is taking her parents to dinner before the movie.
(b) The woman's mother chose the movie for tonight.
(c) The man has read mostly favorable reviews of the movie.
(d) The man accepts the woman's invitation to join her.

25. Listen to a conversation at an office.
W : Are you almost finished doing the calculations for our report?
M : I could use some more time if that's okay.
W : Why? I thought you were quiet on schedule.
M : I was. But I found some errors and had a start from scratch.
W : Okay, can you get it done by tomorrow afternoon, then?
M : Sure, if I allowed to focus solely on this task.

Q. Why does the man need an extension on the report?
(a) He has had to deal with constant distractions.
(b) He had to start over after discovering mistakes.
(c) He was unable to start his work on schedule.
(d) He cannot figure out certain calculations.

26. Listen to a conversation between two coworkers.
M : I noticed that human resources place an ad for temporary position in sales.
W : Yeah, we are looking to replace Kerry while she's on maternity leave.
M : I didn't realize it was so soon. When does she leave?
W : It's several months away actually. But we want to her to train whoever we hire.
M : Maybe Merry from marketing could be her replacement.
W : That's a good ides. I hadn't thought of looking within the company.

Q. Which is collect according to the conversation?
(a) The job ad is for a human resources position.
(b) Kerry is taking leave as soon as a replacement is hired.
(c) The man wants Merry to train a temporary worker.
(d) The woman had originally planned to hire externally.

27. Listen to a conversation between two students.
W : How's your dissertation coming along?
M : The overall structure has finally taking shape in my mind.
W : Have you started drafting the actual paper?
M : Not yet. I just finished arranging my notes.
W : Well, hopefully all these preliminary work pays off!
M : Yeah, but there are still some sources that I want to check out.

Q. Which is collect about the man?
(a) He is unsure about the structure of his dissertation.
(b) He has yet to begin writing his dissertation.
(c) He is still in the process of organizing his notes.
(d) He is finished gathering sources for his research.

28. Listen to a conversation between a sales clerk and a customer.
M : Are you looking for something in particular, ma'am?
W : Well, I like this red shirt, but 80 dollars is two steep.
M : Roughly, how much will you looking to spend?
W : Somewhere around 50 dollars.
M : Then, how about this blue one for 55 dollars?
W : I really like the style, but I prefer the color of the other one.

Q. Which is collect according to the conversation?
(a) The red shirt is out of the woman's price range.
(b) The blue shirt costs less than 50 dollars.
(c) The woman dislikes the style of the blue shirt.
(d) The woman prefers the color blue.

29. Listen to a conversation on a colleague campus.
W : Hi, James. Where were you all day?
M : I was at the library.
W : Again? You spend lots of time there.
M : Well, it's a great place to get away from it all.
W : I guess. I'm not really the solitary type though.
M : Yes, it's not for eveyone.

Q. What can be inferred from the conversation?
(a) The woman usually joins the man at the library.
(b) The man currently works as a librarian.
(c) The man values spending time alone.
(d) The woman met the man at the library.

30. Listen to a conversation between two coworkers.
M : I'm freaking out! I have three major work deadlines on the horizon. 
W : Relax! You've always delivered in the past.
M : But the workload is crazy this time, even by my usual standards.
W : Well, don't push yourself too hard. Remember what happened before.
M : I know. I can't afford time off to recover again.
W : Just stay focused. You were appointed to this position at the company for a reason.

Q. What can be inferred about the man?
(a) He missed the deadline for his previous project.
(b) He feels his diligency is undervalued by his company.
(c) He has been promised to promotion for his hard work.
(d) He suffered serious burnout after a previous project.

Part 4

 In business news, the senate is discussing a proposal to regulate the activities of web sites. Currently, web sites such as e-commerce sites are free to gather all sorts of personal informations about their users. However, recent incidents involving companies losing customer data to hackers have arranged serious concerns about the lack of regulation. The proposal would impose restrictions on when and how web sites can gather customer information. It could be adopted as soon as next month.

Q. What is mainly being reported about the proposal?
(a) It would increase punishments for data breaches.
(b) It would limit web sites' collection of personal data.
(c) It would increase transparency at online companies.
(d) It would require secure storage of personal data.

 Today, we'll learn about the role of male emperor penguins in the lives of their offspring. Female emperor penguins lay just one egg before promptly leaving their breeding grounds. After that, their male partners need to take charge of carefully incubating their eggs in subzero temperatures. Once the eggs hatched, the chicks are shielded from the cold in warm feathery folds in male penguin's skin. These acts are essential for ensuring that the chicks make it to maturity.

Q. What is the speaker's main point about male emperor penguin?
(a) They protect their eggs from threats.
(b) They guard females until their chicks have hatched.
(c) They assist females in guarding chicks.
(d) They make a vital contribution to their offspring survival.

 Now for weather news. The mild weather that we've been enjoying in Fairville is coming to an end. Temperatures will plummet tonight, reaching a low of minus 3 degree Celsius. There is a 35% chance that we'll see flurries starting tomorrow morning. Any snowfall tomorrow should be light, but temperatures are likely to fall throughout the rest of the week. With heavier snowfall, almost certain before the weekend. Dress warmly, and drive safely. 

Q. Which is collect according to the weather report?
(a) Fairville has been suffering from frigid weather.
(b) Snowfall is almost ceratin tomorrow morning.
(c) Heavy snowfall is not expected for tomorrow.
(d) Temperatures will increase by the weekend.
 Let's turn our attention to a study of the DNA of African elephants. For sometime, many scientists suspected that there were two separate species of these elephants, savanna elephants and forest elephants. This theory was mostly based on physical differences between the two populations. Savanna elephants have large eyes and thick curving tusks, while forest elephants have smaller rounded ears and thinner straighter tusks. However, the belief that these were two separated species, was contested until DNA from both groups was tested. This research showed that the groups did indeed split into separate species between 2.6 and 5.6 million years ago.

Q. Which is collect according to the lecture?
(a) DNA evidence first gave rise to the theory of distinct elephant species. 
(b) Forest elephants possess relatively large ears and straight tusks.
(c) The existence of separate elephant species was disputed for sometime.
(d) The two elephant species emerged in the last 2.6 million years.

 Our next topic is credit ratings. When individuals or companies apply for loans, the lender needs to determine their credit worthiness. For individuals, the lender pays a fee to a credit reporting agency which evaluates the applicant's credit history and assigns it credit score. For business, the borrower not the lender pays a credit rating agency to assign a credit rating. Individual credit scores are expressed as numbers whereas business credit ratings are expressed as letters. In both cases, the assessments can determine whether the loan is approved and what the interest rate will be.

Q. Which is collect about credit ratings?
(a) They are assigned to individuals directly by the lender.
(b) They are paid for by the lender for coporate loans.
(c) They are reported numerically for individuals.
(d) They are unrelated to the interest rate of a loan.

 Excuse me everyone, I have an announcement. There's been a change to the schedule this evening. While we're sad to announce that our keynote speaker, Dr. Susan Kelsey, had to cancel at the last minute. We're pleased to inform you that we found a replacement. Dr. Rein Stein has collaborated extensively with Dr. Kelsey and he's perhaps better place than anyone else to sep in for her on short notice. So without further redo, please welcome doctor stein to the stage.

Q. What can be inferred from the announcement?
(a) Dr. Stein's keynote speech was planned as a surprise.
(b) Dr. Kelsey's absence stems from a dispute with Dr. Stein.
(c) Dr. Kelsey and Stein often present together.
(d) Dr. Kelsey and Stein are in the same field of study.
Part 5

37, 38.
 Welcome to today's group tour. Shortly, we'll be departing for the areas most famous tourist destination, Kelwick Castle. Vehicles aren't allowed on castle hill, so we'll be parking nearby and getting up to the castle by foot. It's a moderately difficult hike about 20 minutes, but I promise that it will be worthy effort. As we get closer to the castle, we'll pass through the famous three gates. This series of defensive structures was added in the 16th century. Soon after, we'll reach the main entrance where we'll stop for a rest. The castle gardens, where parties were once held, are currently off-limits because of repairs. But we'll get to clime up old tower which was recently reopened after length renovations. We'll enjoy beautiful views from there. Let's go!

Q. What is the main topic of the talk?
(a) The history of Kelwick Castle.
(b) The reasons to visit Kelwick Castle.
(c) The attraction inside Kelwick Castle.
(d) The itinerary for a trip to Kelwick Castle.

Q. Which attraction is currently closed to visitors?
(a) Castle hill
(b) The three gates
(c) The castle gardens
(d) Old tower

39, 40.
 Class, we've been discussing the role of food in maintaining morale among troops in wartime. Now I just like to give you one historical example, ice cream. During world war 1, the ice cream industry petition the US government to supply troops with its products. The government considered this request, but decided against it because it wanted to conserve sugar. After the war though, ice cream took on a larger role in American culture. Because alcoholic beverages were prohibited in 1920, many brewer switched to making ice cream. The treat became increasingly popular and during the great depression it was a comfort food for those who could afford luxury. When world war 2 arrived, the US government reverse course and started offering ice cream to the troops. Soldier enjoyed it so much that they found ways of making their own near the front lines. During the Korean war, the military serve soldiers ice cream three times per week. Clearly, the top brass realized that ice cream could boost morale among regular soldiers. 

Q. When did US soldiers start make their own ice cream?
(a) During World War 1
(b) During the great depression
(c) During World War 2
(d) During the Korean war
Q. What can be inferred from the talk?
(a) The ban on alcohol led to increase to American ice cream manufacturing
(b) Ice cream was reserved for senior military personnel during the Korean war.
(c) Former breweries made most American ice cream during World War 1.
(d) Ice cream became popular during the depression due to its low price.

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